Julie's Dog Walking Set.

Julie's Dog Walking Set was introduced to Julie's Collection in 2007. It is associated with Changes for Julie. Retail cost was $36.


Black plush chihuahua. Tan belly, eyebrows, and inner ears. Embroidered Pink attached bow on head and collar. White rhinestones on collar. In sitting position.

In 2015, the black chihuahua became plush from the previously flocked version, which had rhinestones on the collar.



Prior version with flocked chihuahua.

White plush poodle. Curly fur on head, ears, and around ankles. Attached rope leash. Non-removable Orange and yellow tie-dye shirt.


Tan plush mutt terrier. Golden colored with attached black ribbon leash. Yellow, green, and red hearts and flowers embroidered on leash. Black glossy eyes and nose.

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