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"Julie" redirects here. For the doll, see Julie Albright (doll).
Julie Albright
Full name Julie Marie Albright
Nickname(s) Alley Oop, Jules, Cool Hands Albright
Gender Female
Born May 1, 1966
Series location San Francisco, CA
Series timeline Early Fall 1975[1] to Spring 1977
First appearance Meet Julie
Father Daniel Albright
Mother Joyce Albright
Uncle Uncle Buddy
Aunt Aunt Catherine
Sibling(s) Tracy Albright
Cousin(s) April


Friends and Minor Characters


Ivy Ling
Joy Jenner

Julie Albright was the ninth of the Historical Characters of the American Girl Dolls, representing the seventies. Julie was released in 2007 and is part of the BeForever collection.

Personality and Facts

Julie is a fun-loving, happy, spirited girl, full of energy and new ideas but prone to fits of despair at the upheaval of the world around her. She finds it a duty to stand up against the prejudices of the past, as opposed to Ivy, with whom she sometimes fights because Ivy is more concerned with keeping life the way it is and not getting into trouble. This is at least partially because she herself is affected by these prejudices, tormented by the class rumor mill for being a tomboy, an athlete, and a child of divorce, but she also feels for the other people who may be affected.  Her dad is a pilot and, because of his job, often doesn't see Julie. Though Julie has to deal with all of the above, she faces it more courageously and optimistically than her sister Tracy, who whines and goes into denial about the divorce, refuses to speak with her father, and says she'll never be normal again. This is something that Julie has in common with her mother, who left her life as a housewife to become an entrepreneur; it is implied in Meet Julie both in the main story and Looking Back sections that Joyce and Daniel divorced because he disagreed with her independence and decision to enter the workforce, and he expresses similar disapproval of Julie's wish to play basketball in the boys' league, even though he taught her how to play.

Though Julie initially finds the changes bothersome, she tries to make the best of her situation, and courageously makes some of her own changes.

Julie can be thin-skinned. This was most evident in Julie's Journey, when she was angry for some time at her cousin for laughing at her poor horse experience.

Julie is interested in artistic things—making things or decorating. She is shown to be very crafty and creative. She helped her mom decorate her own room in Meet Julie, and Julie also made a tennis racket cover for Tracy for Christmas. Julie is also very determined, often surprising her friends when she seems to be giving up. Usually once Julie sets her mind on a project, she wants to follow through on completing it. She is often involved in new projects, whether it is for the community, for school, or the environment. Julie likes to read, showing interest in the Little House on the Prairie series and Nancy Drew. She likes writing in her journal as a pastime. She also has interest in being the president of the United States, as shown at the end of Changes for Julie. She likes reading her horoscope and by birthdate is a Taurus.

She has three nicknames in her series: "Alley Oop" came from her best friend Ivy; her basketball teammates call her "Cool Hands Albright" because she's swift with basketball passes; and her older sister Tracey calls her "Jules."

Her favorite colors are purple and yellow.

American Girl characterizes her as "creative," "fun," "spirited, "athletic", "groovy," "strong," and (previously) "upbeat."

She's given the personal quotes:

  • "I'm bright and sunny on the outside. But on the inside, I'm a real fighter."
  • "My friends call me a True Champion. I'll take a stand when life doesn't play fair."
  • "Now is my time to stand up and fight for what's right."

Family and Friends

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Friends and other Minor Characters


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Other Media



The Julie doll.

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  • Julie was the first Historical Character to be simultaneously released with her Best Friend, Ivy Ling.
  • Julie is the first Historical Character to wear pants with her Meet Outfit, as fitting the change in attitudes about clothing for women.[2]
  • Rumors have been going since 2007 of a Julie movie musical. This was confirmed in December 2009 by the New York Times with an unknown release date,[3] but no further news has been released.
  • Julie is the first and currently only Historical Character to be released with divorced parents.
  • Julie's house is located on the corner of two streets called Redbud and Frederick.[4]

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  1. Meet Julie is set in September 1975; it's mentioned in Happy New Year, Julie! that Julie and Ivy celebrate the Year of the Dragon in 1976 for Chinese New Year.
  2. While Molly McIntire and Kit Kittredge have pants outfits, these are not considered appropriate casual wear for them as it is with Julie.
  3. (no longer available)
  4. A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie, pg. 13: ...I look up at our apartment building. It's...the same building on the corner of Redbud and Frederick[...].
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