The Kailey doll.

The Kailey Hopkins doll was released in 2003 and available for about one year before retirement. She is considered the Girl of the Year for 2003, though some American Girl items reference her as the Girl of the Year of 2004.

Kailey Doll

  • Face Mold: Classic Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Eyes: Dark brown
  • Hair: Blond sun-streaked, straight, no bangs, no part
Kailey came with two free-hanging front braids.

Meet Outfit and Accessories


Kailey with her accessories and book.

Kailey's meet outfit has little significance to the story and is not even seen on the cover of her book; it is intended to simulate a casual outfit in a warm California climate.







Tote bag

Starfish and Shells

Flying Disc


  • Kailey's Meet Sundress is not shown on the cover of her book, as she is shown in a wetsuit; however, it is illustrated in the story.

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