Kanani's Ukelele Set.

Kanani's 'Ukelele Set is part of Kanani's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2011. The retail cost was $34.

Macadamia Nuts

Permanently sealed clear plastic bag with faux macadamia nuts. The nuts are shaped into a block to make the bag easier to hold. Non-removable orange label with white flower and pink writing.


Permanently sealed clear plastic bag with faux pineapple slices. The pineapple slices are shaped into a block to make the bag easier to hold. Non-removable pink label with a pineapple picture and white writing.


Blue cardboard mochi box with clear plastic window. Green, orange, and purple pretend mochi. Mochi can be removed from box, but are permanently attached to each other.

Gift Box

Woven rectangular box with light pink ribbons. Everything fits inside except the ukelele. The flower is the same one as Kanani's hair clip That comes with the doll.

Greeting Card

White cardstock card with "Aloha!" written in pink script along the top and four rows of three green flowers below it. Inside it reads "Dear Rachel, Here are some reminders of your time in Hawai'i. I'll miss you! Aloha, Kanani" in pink writing.


The ukelele is printed to look like wood, although it is actually plastic. The body is outlined in pink and features Kanani's motif in one corner. The neck is painted brown and has a clear rubber strap on the back so a doll can hold it. There are four clear plastic strings and four pink pegs that turn. When a button on the back of the body is pressed, a short song plays. The ukelele requires batteries.

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