Kautsa is the maternal grandmother of Kaya'aton'my.




Kautsa is a loving woman whose wisdom Kaya's trusts full-heartedly.

In the Books

Kaya's Escape: A Survival Story

Kautsa helps load the horses with the berry baskets. When she spots a little girl with her own basket, she asks Kaya if she remembered being that small. Kaya recalls how Kautsa always praised her for her berries, and Kautsa says Kaya was a good picker. When Kaya asks if she and Speaking Rain could sleep outside the teepee, Kautsa says she wanted the two near her as it was safer for them to stay close together.

Kautsa is the first to hear the dogs growling and wakes the tent up. When they realize enemies were in the camp, she pushes the twins and Speaking Rain ahead of her, and runs into the woods with the rest of the family.

Their memories of Kautsa give Kaya and Speaking Rain comfort and courage during their captivity. Speaking Rain sings the lullaby Kautsa used to sing to them to help Kaya fall asleep, and knowing that Kautsa would try to escape if she was in their situation gives Kaya the courage to escape on foot without Speaking Rain.

Kaya's Hero: A Story of Giving

Kaya and Lone Dog: A Friendship Story

Kaya Shows The Way: A Sister Story

Changes for Kaya: A Story of Courage

Kaya and the Flood

Kaya and the Grandmothers

The Silent Stranger

The Ghost Wind Stallion

The Roar of the Falls: My Journey with Kaya

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