Kaya Foods II Big

Kaya's Foods, 2007 revision.

Kaya's Foods was introduced to Kaya's Collection in 2002, modified in 2007, and retired in 2016. Retail cost was $28.


Black and white woven basket. Attached multicolored strap in addition to the braided strap used to tie the basket around the doll.

Tule Mat

Simple wooden tule mat with four rows of stitching, measuring 5.25*8.25 inches (13.5*21 cm) when fully laid out.


Brown plastic bowl with engraved detail around it. The mashed camas root fits inside.

Camas Root

Four pieces of camas root, molded together with paint details.


Four magnetic berries. These were removed in 2007. The current berries are molded together into a pile.


3 pieces of plastic salmon, each with engraved detailing and different shapes in a maroon-like color.

Mashed Camas

Yellow with a smooth bottom allowing it to fit nicely into the bowl. Textured top half with detailed paint work.

Finger Cakes

Four doll-sized finger cakes molded together with green tops on each.


3 plastic branches in small,medium and large sizes to fit inside the basket.