Kirsten's Recess Set over Kirsten's School Dress.

Kirsten's Recess Set was introduced to Kirsten's Collection in 2006 and retired in 2007. Original retail cost was $28. It was shown over the School Dress in most advertisements.


Light blue "wool" coat with blue braid trim.


Cream hat with blue grosgrain ribbon trim, ruffled eyelet trim lining, and red flower tacked on left side.


Cloth target with scoring of red center 3, inner yellow ring 2, outer light blue ring 1.


Three beanbags of red, yellow, and blue gingham.

Trading Cards


Trading card set sold with Herb Gathering Outfit

The set came with "Trading cards" that discussed the outfit as well as Samantha's Bird-Watching Outfit and Josefina's Herb-Gathering Outfit.

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