Kirsten's Winter Pastimes

Kirsten's Winter Pastimes were introduced to Kirsten's Collection in 1987 and retired in 2000. They are associated with the story Changes for Kirsten. Retail cost was $20.


Round cardboard disc with a bird printed on one side and a birdcage on the other. There are two strings on either side that are used to spin the thaumatrope, thus creating the illusion that the bird was inside the cage.

Paper Doll


Paper dolls

Paper doll of a fashionable young girl with four outfits. Notes on the doll discuss how the magazine Godey's Ladies Book would print paper dolls.


Wooden snowshoes with reddish-brown leather straps. When this set was retired, the shoes were sold separately for $10 until they were retired in 2009 with Kirsten's archival.

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