Kirsten Saves the Day is the fifth book in the Kirsten series.


Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: The Bee Tree

Kirsten's mother informs Kirsten and her younger brother Peter that they would need to catch fish for dinner for Uncle Olav's family as well as their own. She wonders if they will be able to catch that many. Kirsten says they will since the stream is full of trout. Kirsten is eager to be on her way. Mama reminds Kirsten to take good care of Peter, pointing out that he chased a skunk the last time they went fishing. Peter attempts to defend himself by saying that he only did that once.

Mama walks with them to the path crossing the meadow, reminding them to watch out for snakes and bears as well. She then asks them if they have their whistle. Kirsten confirms and says that they will blow if anything happens. She whispers to Peter that their mother worries too much. Peter points out that their father said that mothers are supposed to worry.

When they run towards the stream, Kirsten's dog Caro follows them. Kirsten says that they should send Caro back home since he might steal the fish. But Peter begs that Caro come with them. Kirsten tells Peter that Caro will chase everything, even a snake. If Caro were to come with them, Peter would have to look after him. Peter promises that he will.

At the stream, Peter rolls up his pants, Kirsten tucks her skirt into her waste-band and Caro splashes into the water. Kirsten reminds Peter that Caro will scare away the fish with all the splashing. Peter whistles and points out that Caro is "a good puppy who listens" when the dog obeys.

Kirsten wades into the stream, thinking about how wonderful it is to do "happier" work she enjoys such as fishing. Peter follows her, but laments that he would much rather swim than fish. When he questions Kirsten if he would prefer to swim as well she immediately replies that she would rather go fishing every single day; but she would prefer to have a straw hat like her cousins because her sunbonnet is too warm.

Chapter Two: In the Berry Patch

Chapter Three: Bears!

Chapter Four: Bringing Back the Bees

Chapter Five: The Best Basswood Honey

Looking Back: America Outdoors in 1854

Discusses how people spent time outdoors in pioneer America. Topics covered:

  • The dependency that pioneers had on the wilderness, including what they took from nature and why they had wanted to control the wilderness.
  • Weather troubles that forced many pioneers to try to work their own lands.
  • Typical farm chores that children would do around the farm, including setting traps for small animals and gathering eggs.
  • The decision for pioneers to spend most of their time outdoors to stay cool, even though they slept inside because they feared wild animals.
  • Frontier clothing styles that didn't help with keeping their wearers cool during the summer.
  • What a pioneer family would do during a trip to town, which was considered as close to a summer vacation as possible to them.

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  1. In Chapter Two, Anna mentions that they are five days away from the Fourth of July.

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