Kirsten Snowbound! is part of the Short Stories collections.


Story Summary

Kirsten holds baby Britta on her hip as she watches Mama, Aunt Inger and Lars drive away in the wagon. She says that they will have fresh bread again tonight. She almost forgot what it tastes like. Anna adds that there will be rice pudding as well; she is tired of the wrinkly potatoes. Lisbeth points out that they should be thankful for the potatoes anyway in the same way Aunt Inger always does.

It is April, and potatoes is all the Larsons really eat since they used up pretty much all of their supplies. The winter was long and cold and they weren't able to drive into town until now. Kirsten, Anna, Lisbeth, Peter and little Britta were to stay at the cabin while the adults go to town. There is a lot of work to do for the kids. Peter feeds the chicken and cleans the barn, Lisbeth takes care of Britta and Kirsten cares for and milks the cows.

Meet The Author

Janet Shaw talks about a snowstorm that went through her town.

Looking Back: The Blizzard of 1888

Discusses a blizzard that hit the Midwest in January of 1888, and various stories from the time.

Activity: Have a Snow Day!

Has ideas for what to do on a snow day, and a hot chocolate recipe.


  1. Explicitly stated; also, Britta's portrait state that she is eleven months old, and she was born the prior May.
  2. The family is still in a cabin, so this must be before the Larsons move.

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