Kit's Mystery Challenge is a video game based on Kit's series, developed by Webfoot Technologies and released by THQ in 2008 for the Nintendo DS. Like the previous game, the game loosely follows the events of the series, although unlike in Julie Finds a Way, the game is presented as a mystery-solving game in the vein of L.A. Noire and the Nancy Drew series, and does not offer a multiplayer component.


Core gameplay consists of mystery-solving elements, with players being presented in a third-person viewpoint. The player is tasked to look for clues to be used as evidence, interrogate suspects or ask for leads, and analyse all the evidence and facts gathered in order to solve the case.

Kit's Mystery Challenge uses the same engine and third-person viewpoint as with the previous game, and loads the game's world as a series of maps rather than a single continuous level to explore. The player can still roam freely to a certain extent, although only the Abbott Place map can be explored in the first case. Solving the latter unlocks three more cases, of which the player can now visit different areas, such as the hobo village, Downtown Cincinnati, and the local school.

Players can also engage in a number of side-missions, such as selling eggs to neighbours and other people around the city, or running errands for cash, which can be spent on various perks, upgrades and other items, like buying food supplies or paying part of the house's mortgage. In addition, several outfits from Kit's Collection are also available for the player to change into.



Like in Julie Finds A Way it was released to generally negative reception, citing camera issues and repetitive gameplay.[1]


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  1. American Girl: Kit Mystery Challenge Review

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