Kit's School Lunch, second edition.

Kit's School Lunch was introduced to Kit's Collection in 2000. It is associated with the book Kit Learns a Lesson. The set was modified in 2007. Retail cost is $28.


White bread sandwich with cheese. Half a sandwich in first release.


KitSchoolLunch 1st

Kit's School Lunch, original release.

First Release

Apple cut in two halves vertically and single carrot.

Second Release

Red apple, carrot, and two celery sticks clumped together.


Oatmeal raisin cookie.


White square cloth with light green stitching around the edge. "Autumn" is embroidered in a corner with orange and yellow leaves and two acorns.

Lunch Tin

Light green metal lunch tin. Removable lid; two handles. Black and white pictures bordered in white on sides and lid: ships, trains, and airplanes.

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