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Kit Saves The Day is the fifth book in the Kit series.



Only in Kit Saves The Day

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Stuck

Chapter Two: Just Plain Will

Chapter Three: The Hobo Jungle

Chapter Four: Do Something

Looking Back: America Outdoors in 1934

Discusses how people spent time outdoors during the Depression. Topics covered:

  • People who moved during the Depression to find work or better opportunities and the hoboes that "rode the rails" by jumping freight trains illegally.
  • The negative views hobos received from other people, with many getting mixed up with bums and tramps and the differences between each term.
  • Hoboes having to travel to different town for work, ask people for food in exchange for chores, and how they lived in hobo jungle settlements.
  • Available methods of transport, such as cars, trains, ships, and the concerns people had with air travel, the newest way of transportation.
  • Summer activities during the Depression, such as gathering at local parks, attending baseball games, and playing miniature golf.
  • Financial problems parks and recreation areas faced, resulting in the formation of The Civilian Conservation Corps, which hired young, unmarried men to help maintain parks.
  • The popularity of the Civilian Conservation Corps, resulting in re-enrollment for it's members, and their contributions to various state and national parks.

Items associated with Kit Saves The Day

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