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Lady Margaret's Ghost is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Felicity's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Delivery

Chapter Two: Mistress of the House

Chapter Three: Race Day

Chapter Four: The Boy with the Roan Colt

Chapter Five: Shadows at Dusk

Chapter Six: A Light in the Parlor

Chapter Seven: Dawson's Remedy

Chapter Eight: A Secret Past

Chapter Nine: Stolen!

Chapter Ten: More Disappearances

Chapter Eleven: Dawson's Theft

Chapter Twelve: A Daring Plan

Chapter Thirteen: Search for a Ghost

Chapter Fourteen: Merriman Family Heirlooms

Looking Back

Discusses Publick Times and the dangers people might have faced. Topics discussed:

  • When Publick Times was held, usually at the same time Virginia's highest court was in session
  • Activities that were concurrent with court sessions, such as shopping, street performances, games, and evening theatrical plays
  • The purpose of taverns, which served as a focal point for news reports and gossip
  • Dangers colonists faced during Publick Times, such as thieves and pickpockets
  • Consequences a thief might face if they were caught, such as having their hand branded for the first offense, as well as additional brandings or hanging for repeat offenders
  • The exploitation of orphans by dishonest people
  • Almshouses -- the only place where orphans and poor people could stay in exchange for brutal work
  • Orphans as apprentices -- boys were generally apprenticed to learn a trade regardless of their backgrounds, girls were rarely apprenticed unless they had been orphaned
  • What female apprentices might have learned for trades, such as sewing, weaving, and spinning
  • How apprenticeships allowed orphans to earn a living and respect in society

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