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Lanie's Accessories.

Lanie's Accessories are part of Lanie's Collection and, like her, was available for one year before retirement at the end of 2010. The retail cost was $34.

Messenger Bag

Green messenger bag. White trim. Light blue strap, "Lanie" in white embroidery, and an embroidered blue dragonfly.

Laptop Computer

Non-functional light blue laptop. Dragonflies on the lid.


Three clings to simulate the following websites:

  • Birds of Massachusetts
  • How to Grow a Vegetable Garden
  • E-mail from Dakota


A letter folded in half with a non-sealable envelope.


Two postcards from Aunt Hannah and Dakota.


Tan plush rabbit. Attached orange leash.


Heart charm bracelet. Blue and green heart showing a partial map of the world on black cord.

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