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Laurence Yep

Laurence Yep is an author for American Girl.


Yep was born in San Francisco, California, in 1948. He graduated from the University of California - Santa Cruz in 1970 and earned his doctorate in English from the State University of New York - Buffalo. He and his wife, Joanne Ryder, currently live in San Francisco.[1] He teaches at the University of California - Berkeley.[2]

American Girl Books

Girl of the Year

Mia St. Clair

Isabelle Palmer

Girls of Many Lands

Other Works

Golden Mountain Chronicles

  • The Serpent's Children
  • Mountain Light
  • Dragon's Gate
  • The Traitor
  • Dragonwings
  • Dragon Road
  • Chld of the Owl
  • Sea Glass
  • Thief of Hearts
  • Dragons of Silk

Dragon series

  • Dragon of the Lost Sea
  • Dragon Steel
  • Dragon Cauldron
  • Dragon War

Chinatown Mysteries

  • The Case of the Goblin Pearls
  • The Case of the Lion Dance
  • The Case of the Firecrackers

City trilogy

  • City of Fire
  • City of Ice
  • City of Earth

The Tiger's Apprentice

  • The Tiger's Apprentence: Book One
  • Tiger's Blood: Book Two
  • Tiger Magic: Book Three

Ribbons series

  • Ribbons
  • The Cook's Family
  • The Amah
  • Angelfish

Later, Gator series

  • Later, Gator
  • Cockroach Cooties
  • Skunk Scout

Other books

  • Seademons
  • Tongues of Jade
  • The Rainbow People
  • Sweetwater
  • The Star Fisher
  • Dream Soul
  • Hiroshima: A Novella
  • The Earth Dragon Awakes: the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906
  • Lady of Ch'iao Kuo: Warrior of the South (The Royal Diaries series)
  • The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung: A Chinese Miner (My Name Is America series)
  • The Imp That Ate my Homework
  • When the Circus Came to Town
  • Kind Hearts and Gentle Monsters
  • The Mark Twain Murders
  • The Tom Sawyer Fires
  • Shadow Lord (Star Trek novel)
  • Monster Makers, Inc.


  • American Dragons: Twenty-five Asian American Voices
  • The Lost Garden

Picture books

  • The Magic Paintbrush
  • The Dragon Prince: A Chinese Beauty and the Beast Tale
  • The Butterfly Boy
  • The Shell Woman and the King: a Chinese folktale
  • The Khan's Daughter: a Mongolian folktale
  • The Ghost Fox
  • The Boy Who Swallowed Snakes
  • The Man Who Tricked a Ghost
  • The City of Dragons


  • The Age of Wonders
  • Dragonwings
  • Pay the Chinaman
  • Fairy Bones
  • HI

See also


  1. Scholastic - Laurence Yep
  2. Teaching Multicultural Literature - Laurence Yep Biography

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