Lindsey's Laptop and Bag.

Lindsey's Laptop and Bag was part of Lindsey's Collection and, like her, was retired in 2002. Retail cost was $32.


Blue and clear translucent plastic laptop organizer. Blue and clear top has imbedded five-point star with Girl of Today logo and lines. Bottom is all clear translucent Front button claps to open. Interior has a faux touch pad and functional modified QWERTY keyboard layout. Right side has slide out faux CD-Rom tray. Runs on two 1.5v LR44 batteries.

Messenger Bag

Blue single strap messenger bag. Dark grey trim on strap and around edges. Top blue and silver-toothed zippers on both pockets. Front pocket has quilted padding and sewn-on holographic circle patch with Girl of Today logo in black star that changes colors from red, yellow, and blue.

CD-Rom Discs

Two CD-Rom discs with silver trim and mirrored back:

* Pink, "History"
* Blue, "Math"


Blue plastic covered notebook. Iridescent star-and-snowflake cover. Blue elastic band closure. Clear loop for pencil holder. Interior of light blue lined paper with two lighter stars.


Functional silver pencil. Blue end cap.

Laptop Instructions


Interior pages.


Cover and back pages.

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