Lisbeth Larson is the cousin of Kirsten Larson.




Lisbeth is Kirsten's older cousin who loves to talk, share secrets, and gossip, especially about supernatural or scary happenings. As the oldest, she has a little more experience than the other girls do about school, the wilderness, and responsibilities. She loved to tell scary tales about Mr. Coogan, their former teacher. She is very responsible, practical, but she likes to have fun as well. She serves as an educator to Kirsten, teaching her ways about America. Her favorite part of the Declaration of Independence is "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness..."

In the Books

Meet Kirsten: An American Girl

Lisbeth is the first of Kirsten's cousins to introduce herself when the Larson's arrive at the farm. She tells Kirsten she watched for her every day, and she gives Kirsten her old dress. The next day, Lisbeth and Anna show Kirsten their secret fort and ask her to choose a place in the fort for her doll.

Kirsten Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Happy Birthday, Kirsten!: A Springtime Story

Kirsten Saves The Day: A Summer Story

Changes for Kirsten: A Winter Story

Kirsten Snowbound!

Kirsten and the Chippewa

Kirsten and the New Girl

The Runaway Friend

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