This is a list of specifically named locations in the Julie series.

Albright Apartment

The apartment that Julie, Tracy, and Joyce Albright live in. It is located above Gladrags.

Albright House

The old home that Julie, Tracy, and Joyce Albright used to live in. It is still owned by and occupied by Daniel Albright, and where Julie's rabbit Nutmeg lives.

Angel Island

A state park located in the San Francisco Bay. Ivy's grandmother, Po Po, was processed at the Immigration Station before becoming an American citizen.

Fairmont Hotel

A luxury hotel located in the Nob Hill district of San Francisco. The hotel is where Julie, Tracy, and Daniel Albright have tea in Happy New Year, Julie!.

Fisherman's Wharf

A tourist attraction and neighborhood in San Francisco. Julie and Ivy frequently visit Ghirardelli Square for ice cream.

Frankie's Diner

A burger joint located some distance away from Chinatown. Gung Gung and Po Po occasionally visit the diner every now and then.


The resale store owned by Joyce Albright. It is below the Albright apartment and located on the corner of two streets called Redbud and Frederick.[1]

Golden Gate Park

The Happy Panda

A popular Chinese restaurant owned by Ivy's grandfather, Gung Gung. In Happy New Year, Julie!, Gung Gung mentioned the restaurant was started by his father after coming to America.


A law school Mrs. Ling attends.

Jack London Elementary School

The school Julie attends following her parents' divorce.

Louie's Number One Bakery

A bakery owned and run by Louie Fong. Andrew and Ivy attend Chinese school located above the bakery.

Randall Museum

A museum in San Francisco. It houses a wildlife rescue center and is home to two bald eagles named Shasta and Sierra in Julie and the Eagles.

Yep's Garage

A car repair shop in Chinatown. Jimmy Yep's relatives are the owners.


  1. A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie, pg. 13: ...I look up at our apartment building. It's...the same building on the corner of Redbud and Frederick[...].

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