This is a list of specifically named locations in the Kaya Series.

Bitterroot Mountains

The mountains that border between Nimipuu country and other countries to the east. Kaya and Two Hawks make a daring escape across this mountain from their enemies to return to the Nimipuu camp.

Celilo Falls

The raging waters where salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs in the summer.

Palouse Prairie

The prairie where there are Kaya's band of Nimipuu, and many other tribes, come to dig for roots.

Salmon River Country

The area where Kaya's band of Nimipuu travel to collect berries. Nimipuu also make their winter lodgings here.

Valley of Wallowa

The home of Toeta's parents. Wallowa means "winding waters". Kaya earns her nickname, "Magpie", here.

Nimipuu come here often for the Salmon Runs Celebration.

Weipie Prairie

The prairie that Kaya's family stays to hunt for elk. Forests surround the prairie, and many fires flare up in the surrounding trees.

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