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This is a list of specifically named locations in the Marie-Grace and Cécile series.

Belle Chênière

A village outside of New Orleans where Marie-Grace's maternal relatives live.[1] The name translates to "beautiful oak grove".

Children of Mercy

An orphanage for girls of color.

Globe Ballroom

A dance venue converted into a temporary hospital due to the yellow fever outbreak.

Grand Théâtre

The venue where the Children's Ball and other Mardi Gras balls occur.

Holy Trinity Orphanage

An orphanage where Marie-Grace and Cécile volunteer their time.

Jackson Square

A public park located in the French Quarter.

Royal Music Hall

A theater where Océane Rousseau works as a voice teacher.

St. Louis Cathedral

A large cathedral located in the French Quarter.

St. Teresa's Academy

The school Marie-Grace attends.


  1. Belle Chênière is a fictional village.

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