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This is a list of specifically named locations in the Maryellen series.


The beach is only a few blocks from the Larkin home.

Cypress Gardens

Fenstermacher Home

The Larkin home

The door is red and the step outside is pink, due to Maryellen's actions.

All Girls's Room

This was previously the room that Maryellen shared with Beverly, Tom, and Mikey.

Little Bedroom

Living Room


A department store in the shopping center.

The Palms

The suburban neighborhood/housing development that the Larkins and the Fenstermachers live in. All the houses are alike in rows facing the street; each has a driveway, carport, small lawn, and a palm tree outside each house.

There is a community pool, but a polio breakout two years ago has led to the Larkins being forbidden to go at all.

Shopping Center

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