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Lost in the City is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Julie's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Pretty Bird

Chapter Two: A Special Guest

Chapter Three: A Troubling Visit

Chapter Four: The White Sheet

Chapter Five: Missing!

Chapter Six: Parrot Pursuit

Chapter Seven: Confessions

Chapter Eight: Likely Suspects

Chapter Nine: A Terrible Discovery

Chapter Ten: The Fire-Escape Feat

Chapter Eleven: Getting Some Answers

Chapter Twelve: A Parrot's Song

Chapter Thirteen: Bananas

Chapter Fourteen: The Escape Artist

Chapter Fifteen: Reunited

Looking Back

Discusses the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill and the increase in vegetarianism during the 1970s. Topics covered:

  • African Grey parrots' contributions to studies on understanding bird intelligence
  • Alex, an African Grey parrot who learned to speak over a hundred English words and recognize colors and shapes
  • The capture of wild parrots from tropical forests during the 1970s for sale as pets
  • The Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992 banning the importation of wild-caught exotic birds into the United States for commercial purposes
  • The bond between captive parrots and their owners, and the care and demands required of parrots most people are not able to handle
  • Stories of feral parrots living in Telegraph Hill, with canary-winged parakeets in the 1970s and cherry-headed conures since the 1990s
  • The Animal Switchboard, an all-volunteer animal welfare and assistance organization founded by Grace and Virginia Handley in 1970
  • The increased awareness in animal and environmental welfare leading to a rise in vegetarianism during the 1970s


  1. Pg. 1: "Dancing Queen!" [Julie] cried, bouncing in her seat. "This song just made number one on the pop charts. Ivy and I can't get enough of it!" ABBA's Dancing Queen was the No. 1 song on Billboard's Hot 100, issued on April 9, 1977, in the United States.
  2. Pg. 11: "I'll be back next Saturday," Ivy said. April 16, 1977, was on a Saturday, and is the only possible Saturday for the Lings to return to San Francisco when taking into account Julie's comment about Dancing Queen being the No. 1 song on the radio.

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