Louise Howard is the mother of Stirling Howard.


  • Name: Louise Howard
  • First Appearance: Meet Kit

Family and Friends

Personality and Facts

Louise Howard is very overprotective of Stirling. She loves him very much, even more so after she and Stirling were abandoned by Mr. Howard. She worries a great deal about money due to her husband leaving her. She is a skilled gardener. She is also quite persnickety, and notices dust in the corners.

In the Books

Meet Kit: An American Girl

Kit Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Happy Birthday, Kit!: A Springtime Story

Kit Saves the Day: A Summer Story

Changes for Kit: A Winter Story

Kit Uses Her Head

Kit's Home Run

Really Truly Ruthie

A Thief in the Theater

The Jazzman's Trumpet

Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit

In the Film

Other Media

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