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Marie-Grace Makes a Difference is the fifth book in the Marie-Grace and Cécile series.


Only in Marie-Grace Makes a Difference

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: So Many Orphans

Chapter Two: A Desperate Mission

Chapter Three: Fever and Ice

Chapter Four: Sent Away

Chapter Five: All Aboard

Chapter Six: Joy

Looking Back: Health and Medicine in America in 1853

Discusses health and medicine in the 1800s. Topics covered:

  • Unsafe living conditions in the United States during the 1850s
  • Limited medical knowledge among people and doctors
  • Ineffective treatment such bleeding and calomel poisoning
  • Patent and cure-all medicine that didn't harm, but also didn't help as a form of treatment
  • Dangerous ingredients found in patent medicine such as turpentine and kerosene
  • Family health care in the 1850s
  • Women and girls' volunteer efforts in the 1853 yellow fever epidemic in New Orleans
  • How the role of nursing evolved from what people perceived as a religious calling to a healthcare profession

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