Marisol's Dance Duffel and Cat.

Marisol's Dance Duffel and Cat is part of Marisol's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2005. The retail cost was $24.


A stuffed version of Marisol's cat, Rascal; beige Himalayan cat with brown counterpoints and blue eyes.


Silver dance duffel bag.

Elastic Bandage

Beige elastic wrap bandage.

Bandage Stickers

Three bandage stickers.

Energy Bar

Pretend energy bar.

Cell Phone

Cell phone with functional clock.

Water Bottle

Pretend water bottle with attached cap that says Natural Spring Water on the label in blue.

ID tag

Plastic ID tag with an image of Marisol for the American Girl Dance Academy.


Heart-shaped charm.

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