Master Stevens is the owner of the North Carolina tobacco plantation where Addy Walker and her family lived.


  • Name: Master (?) Stevens
  • Only Appearance: Meet Addy

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Master Stevens is given little personality beyond being a slave owner. As he is seen through Addy's eyes, he is not seen in a positive light. Addy sees him as cruel more because of what he is rather than who he is. In the series he is a representative of slavery, not so much a character in his own right. His plantation is located roughly twenty miles north of Raleigh, North Carolina.[1]

Because of the war, Master Stevens was suffering financially, which caused Ben Walker to be nervous about him selling more and more slaves off of the plantation.

In The Books

Meet Addy: An American Girl

In Chapter Two, Addy serves him lunch one afternoon as well as another slave owner. As she's serving them she listens to their conversation. Master Stevens discusses how he has twenty two slaves and with the war it's harder to feed and clothe them. The other slave master asks if the boy he's buying will run again, and Master Stevens assures him that he won't by saying that he is going to sell his father with him as well. Addy realizes this is Poppa and Sam and goes to tell Auntie Lula, who tells her to go out and warn them to run. Addy attempts but is unsuccessful; she sees her brother in the cart and her father on the ground and throws herself at him.

Master Stevens shows anger at Addy's display, demanding she get up. When she doesn't move, he hits her with a whip. Addy still doesn't let go, prompting him to pull her away from Poppa violently and leave her with her mother. After the scene, while he is mentioned in the books sporadically, he is never seen again.

Addy: An American Girl Story

In the play, Master Stevens has a wife, Mrs. Stevens. To cut down on characters needed, rather than an overseer forcing Addy to eat the worms he himself forces the bugs into her mouth in the opening scene. He discusses selling slaves with his wife and sells Papa and Sam as well. As in the book, he is not seen again as a character once Addy and Momma run away.

In the Seattle production he was played by Peter Cook and Bradford Farwell.


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