Max Shepard is a cousin to Rebecca Rubin.


  • Name: Max Shepard (born Moyshe Shereshevsky; Russian: Мойше Шерешевскй)
  • First Appearance: Meet Rebecca



Max changed his name from Moyshe Shereshevsky to have a more American name. He is a cousin through Mama's side.

Rebecca admires Max, and was very concerned with fixing the table for his visit.

Max aspires to be an actor. He is very silly and always has a joke or trick for the family.

He proposes to Lily Armstrong and moves out to Hollywood, California with the migrating Banbury Cross Studio.

In the Books

Meet Rebecca

Max comes over to the Rubins for dinner. He plays a funny trick about lion powder, which Rebecca later uses to try to earn some money.

Rebecca and Ana

Rebecca and the Movies

Max's birthday gift to Rebecca is a hat. He invites Rebecca to visit the Banbury Cross Studio for her birthday.

Rebecca to the Rescue

Changes for Rebecca

He announces to the family that he is engaged to Lily Armstrong, and they are both moving to California with their movie studio Banbury Cross.

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