McKenna's Practice Wardrobe.

McKenna's Practice Wardrobe is part of McKenna's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2012. The retail cost was $34.


Purple cropped twist sweater.


McKennaPractice leotard


Purple, yellow-green, and turquoise sleeveless leotard. It is similar to a one-shoulder design, but the second shoulder strap is present.


Gymnastics tee with Shooting Star logo and a gymnastics graphic. Light blue trim and v-neckline. 'Gymnastics' edged with small purple stars above and below


Dark blue velour shorts. Elastic waist and fold-over waistband.

Ankle Brace

Light blue striped ankle brace with orange trim.


Purple headband.


Two teal and two purple hairbands.

Hair Elastics

Six purple hair elastics.

Hairstyle Card

McKennaPractice haircard

Hairstyle card.

Hairstyle Card # 2: Braids and Ponies. Tips on styling braids and ponies.


  • McKenna's Practice Wardrobe was briefly sold as the Gymnastics Practice Set for the My American Girl line in 2013 for a price of $25.50.

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