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Meet Caroline
The cover of Meet Caroline. (2012-2014)
Published 2012
Author Kathleen Ernst
Illustrator Robert Papp
Lisa Papp
ISBN 1593698828
Setting June 1812[1] - July 19, 1812[2]
Next in Series Caroline's Secret Message

Meet Caroline: An American Girl is the first book in the Caroline series. It was included with the Caroline doll when purchased until the release of BeForever and could be purchased separately; it is now part of Captain of the Ship.



Only in Meet Caroline

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Fine Sloop

Chapter Two: Terrible News

Chapter Three: Lieutenant Woolsey

Chapter Four: Grandmother's Advice

Chapter Five: Attack!

Looking Back: America in 1812

Discusses the beginning of the War of 1812. Topics covered:

  • Sackets Harbor's remote location from Philadelphia and New York, major cities of America at the time
  • The necessity of ships for economic reasons, due to poor travel by land at the time
  • Economic trade between America and Upper Canada, and Sackets Harbor and New York, Boston, Baltimore
  • America's growth as an independent nation 30 years after the American Revolution
  • Dischord between British and American political relations, with Americans wanting to expand north and the British wanting to keep claim of its Canadian colonies
  • Impressment of American sailors by the British navy
  • Trade restrictions between America and other countries
  • American declaration of war against the British, in spite of opposition
  • The slow pace of news about the war, surprising American sailors unaware of the declaration
  • Elijah and Cyrus St. John, two brothers who were captured by the British navy
  • The US navy's lack of power, with just the USS Oneida patrolling Lake Ontario, compared to the British navy
  • Lake Ontario as a vital supply route along the Great Lakes
  • The need for more warships to fight back against the British navy

Items associated with Meet Caroline


  • Lieutenant Woolsey is an actual historical figure who was sent to the shores of Lake Ontario in 1808 to supervise the construction of the USS Oneida.[3]

References and Footnotes

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  2. The majority of the fifth chapter coincides with the First Battle of Sacket's Harbor, which occurred on July 19, 1812.
  3. Commodore Melancthon Taylor Woolsey, US Navy, 1782-1832,, accessed September 15, 2012.

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