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The Meet Outfit are the clothes a doll wears when she is purchased. This term was coined from both the titles of the historical books and the dolls themselves; the first Historical book is always called "Meet ______" and the Historical Characters are always sold with their Meet Books.

Historical Meet Outfits

See also: Meet Accessories

Traditionally, the clothes Historical Characters wore on the cover of her first book (her "Meet" book) were the same ones the new doll wore when purchased. This made for a matched set of book and doll. This changed in 2004 with the revamp of the cover styles as Molly was put into her Halloween Hula Costume, and in 2014 with the launch of BeForever.[1] The outfits are still known as Meet Outfits, however, because the doll still comes in the outfit. These outfits show a general day outfit a girl of the era, class level, and culture would realistically wear.[2] For several characters, the meet outfit has specific significance in the Meet stories--for example, Kirsten's are her first "American" clothes.

Meet outfits can be purchased as replacement parts; however, they are sold in separate parts parts generally consisting of the dress/outfit, shoes and/or socks, and underwear if offered. Purchasing them in this manner almost always makes it more expensive than buying a new doll and removing the outfit.

Best Friends Meet Outfits

Like the Historical Characters, Best Friend Characters' meet outfits have been illustrated on the cover of their book. [3] Like the Historicals, their meet outfits can be purchased separately as replacement parts.

American Girl of Today, Just Like You, and My American Girl Meet Outfits

Main Article: My American Girl Meet Outfit.

These dolls were originally sold as "modern" historicals, along with blank books matching the Central Series pattern. Although the line is now marketed as a companion to the customer and thus no longer come with blank books, their outfits are still called Meet Outfits. Unlike Historical Meet Outfits, they were often sold separately from the dolls as complete outfits for standard prices. (The notable exception is the first set, as at the time it was assumed that a purchaser did not have a doll with a Meet outfit already.) The rationale for selling later outfits separate is that a person will already have a doll, but may not want to buy a whole new doll to get the outfit. The Star Hoodie Outfit was the last meet outfit available as a separate purchase.

With the launch of Innerstar University, codes were bundled with meet outfits and made wholly unavailable as a separate purchase.

Girls of the Year Meet Outfits

Like the My American Girl dolls, Girls of the Year are sold in identifying outfits. These outfits are shown on the cover of the accompanying book (or, with characters after Nicki Fleming, the first book).[4]

The meet outfits for Girls of the Year were traditionally not offered as replacement parts. Starting with Mia St. Clair, the outfit parts were available separate from the doll. Some parts remain available after retirement in limited quantities or are resold as part of the My American Girl line with more generic names.

Bitty Baby and Our New Baby Meet Outfits

Our New Baby was sold in a white cotton sleeper with a light print.

Bitty Baby has always been sold in a sleeper. Like the My American Girl line, the Bitty Baby sleepers were initially sold separately from the dolls as complete outfits; with the release of the Cuddly Star Sleeper, the outfit as stands is not available separately.

Bitty Twins Meet Outfits

These are the sleepers and outfits that Bitty Twins have been sold in; like the My American Girl line, they are sold separately from the dolls as complete outfits.


  1. Felicity is the only Historical Character who has ever had her Meet Outfit changed completely before the BeForever launch.
  2. Elizabeth is the major exception, as she is wearing a fancy party dress instead.
  3. The exceptions are Ivy Ling who is pictured in her New Year's dress, and Emily Bennett who is wearing her recital dress.
  4. The exception is Kailey Hopkins who is wearing her wetsuit.

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