The Mermaid Costume as seen on Just Like You 27.

The Mermaid Costume is a Just Like You outfit released in 2007 and retired in 2008. Retail cost was $28.


Sleeveless "mermaid" dress. Aqua iridescent main body. Gathering of light blue satin ribbon, vinyl seaweed, and pink vinyl starfish cutouts on right shoulder. Light pink and dark pink vinyl starfish cutouts on left shoulder. Multilayered blue mesh skirt of dark and light blue. Vinyl seaweed and light and dark pink starfish cutouts on left skirt edge.


Aqua satin headband. Teal satin ribbon, vinyl seaweed and pink starfish cutouts on the side.


Pink "pearl" necklace. Fastens with satin ribbon.


Paper Halloween candy bag made to look like candy corn. Black handle and bow.


Purple candy bar. White ghost and black text: "Ghostly Goodies."


Mini Mini Mysteries 2: Mystery stories to solve.

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