Message in a Bottle is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Julie's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Desperately Needed

Chapter Two: Bad Luck

Chapter Three: Almost Heaven

Chapter Four: Midnight in the Mine

Chapter Five: Cousins United

Chapter Six: More Trouble

Chapter Seven: A Lad Strong and Bold

Chapter Eight: No Time for a Poem

Chapter Nine: The Mother Lode

Chapter Ten: Vanished!

Chapter Eleven: Suspicions

Chapter Twelve: Where is Raymond?

Chapter Thirteen: Trapped!

Chapter Fourteen: Mendings

Chapter Fifteen: Gotcha!

Chapter Sixteen: Banishment and New Beginnings

Inside Julie's World


  1. Pg 33: "The only kid in the whole school?" Julie marveled. "Are you in sixth grade, like me?"
  2. Pg 172: Aunt Nadine's cheeks were pink. "...I said, I'll marry you David Stratton, but don't you be like him..."