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Midnight in Lonesome Hollow is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Kit's books.


From the Central Series

Only in Midnight in Lonesome Hollow

Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Lonesome Branch

Chapter Twp: A Stranger Arrives

Chapter Three: Fern's Worries

Chapter Four: A Sad Discovery

Chapter Five: An Unexpected Threat

Chapter Six: Double Disaster

Chapter Seven: A Mysterious Light

Chapter Eight: Hunting for Clues

Chapter Nine: Midnight in Lonesome Hollow

Chapter Ten: Answers and More Questions

Chapter Eleven: A Riddle Solved

Chapter Twelve: Ruined Plans

Chapter Thirteen: The Truth Is Told

Chapter Fourteen: New Stories

Looking Back

Discusses the Appalachian people of Kentucky during the Great Depression. Topics include:

  • The Appalachia mountains and when the first settlers arrived.
  • How outsiders arrived to the mountains, since there were no roads.
  • Why few outsiders, and modern changes, didn't make it to the Appalacian.
  • How visitors arrived to the mountains and their views of the Appalachian people.
  • Why many researchers arrived to the mountains and what they studied there.
  • How Appalachian craftspeople and musicians began earning money.
  • Why traveling to the mountains was difficult for researchers.
  • How the coal mining industry effected the local areas during the Great Depression.
  • The prejudice felt by the Appalachian people.
  • Appalachian culture today.

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