These are the minor characters in the Felicity series.


A girl who was taken in by William Yancy following the death of her parents. She is often mistreated by her guardian and his wife, who threaten to leave her in the poorhouse if she disobeys them. They would make her steal during public events and brign back whatever she had stolen-not bringing in enough would result in a beating.

Anne is only seen in Lady Margaret's Ghost.

Mrs. Burnie

A laundress who's known for being very fussy. People find her peculiar and gossip that she's hard to get along with because she is so opinionated and dead set against change. Has vision issues. She is only seen in Felicity Discovers a Secret


One of the Merriman's horses, used to pull carts and carriages.


The driver to Mrs. Wentworth. When the carriage crashes into the bank of the gully, Caleb is the one to inform them that the carriage is damaged and the horse is lamed. He helps Mrs. Wentworth and Martha Merriman out of the carriage. He leads them all to the abandoned house for shelter, starts a fire, and then--at Mrs. Wentworth's orders--heads back towards Willamsburg for help.

Richard Capps

A business rival of Mr. Merriman. He owns a competing general store, and accuses Mr. Merriman of betraying the Patriots by selling goods to Lord Dunmore. He is only seen in Traitor in Williamsburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Cole

The parents of Elizabeth and Annabelle Cole.

In Changes for Felicity, Mr. Cole was arrested for being a Loyalist and was imprisoned until Grandfather was able to get him released. Following his arrest, he decided to head to New York, leaving his wife and daughters to look after their property in Williamsburg.

Mrs. Deare

She is mentioned in Meet Felicity only, when Felicity is sent to deliver preserves to her with William and Nan. She fusses over them and gives them cakes, much to Felicity's annoyance.


A boy Felicity meets in Lady Margaret's Ghost. He is from Lancashire, England.

Lady Dunmore

The wife of Lord Dunmore. She invites Felicity to the Governor's Ball in Felicity's Surprise.

Lord Dunmore

Lord Dunmore is the Governor of the Virginian Colony. He, his wife Lady Charlotte, and his children (Catherine, Virginia, and Susan) live in the Governor's Palace.

Mrs. Fitchett

A stout woman who loves to gossip. She is seen first in Meet Felicity walking into Merriman's Store, well dressed with a lady's hat covered in ribbons and feathers. She calls Felicity pretty and says that the lads will be flocking to her. She also asks Felicity if she is working on her sampler; when Felicity says she hasn't started, she replies that her two daughters were done by her age. Mr. Merriman says that Felicity isn't good at stitching as she lacks patience, and Mrs. Fitchett says that Felicity is high spirited and that she will find patience when she decides. At Felicity and Mr. Merriman's discussion of horses, she remembers that she must get oats for her horse and this leads to a conversation about Jiggy Nye's new horse that Felicity overhears.

In Felicity Takes a Dare; she greets the family and invites Mother to come look at the new embroidery stitches from London at the fair.

Mr. Galt

The apothecary and doctor. He comes to the Merriman house when Felicity breaks her arm in Felicity Takes a Dare. He gives garlic syrup and licorice lozenges to Mother for her cough in Felicity's Surprise and tells Mother to be careful of her health.


Grandmother is Grandfather's late wife. She is only mentioned in passing as the previous owner of Felicity's Guitar. It is unknown when she passed but it was sometime before the events of Meet Felicity.

In the movie, it is mentioned by Mother that Grandmother brought her best teapot with her when she left England for Virginia, and would always say, "The King himself would be at home at my tea table." In the book Felicity Learns a Lesson, it was Mother's aunt who said this, as she used to give Mother tea lessons.

Mr. Halibut

A gardener in Williamsburg, seen working for Miss Manderly in Felicity's Dancing Shoes.

Mr. Haskall

An amateur naturalist and houseguest of the Wentworths. He is only seen in Peril at King's Creek.

Mrs. Hewitt

An elderly woman seen assisting Felicity around the Merriman household in Lady Margaret's Ghost.


A free black boy who is friend of Ben. He is a drummer for the militia.

Isaac also appears as a spawnable character in the American Girls Premiere.

Harry Lacey

Harry Lacey is an English nobleman who comes to the colonies looking for a wife. He is briefly engaged to Annabelle Cole.

Harry is only seen in Very Funny, Elizabeth.

Priscilla Lacey

Harry Lacey's older sister. She is seen as an overbearing woman towards her brother and the Coles. She also seems to have trouble remembering names.

Priscilla does not appear to be married as she is referred to as "Miss Lacey". She is only seen in Very Funny, Elizabeth.

Lady Margaret

The wife of Sir Edward. After having difficulty giving birth to her son, a stillborn, Margaret wasn't able to recover and later died a few days later.


Marcus, along with Rose, is a slave in the Merriman household. He primarily works in the store with Father and Ben and cares for the family horses.

Marcus was played by Rothaford Gray in the movie.

Fergus McLeod

A Scottish shopkeeper in Williamsburg, and friend of Edward Merriman. He is Fiona's father. Accused of being disloyal to the Patriots, he and his family run away from Williamsburg.

Fergus McLeod is only seen in Traitor in Williamsburg.

Fiona McLeod

A girl who is a good friend of Felicity and Elizabeth. Her family is Scottish. Fiona's father is accused of betraying the Patriot cause, and they leave Williamsburg before his trial.

Fiona is only seen in Traitor in Williamsburg.

Mr. Minton

A close friend of Grandfather's. He was with Grandfather when he purchased Penny and was able to recognize the mare in Lady Margaret's Ghost.

Old Bess

One of the Merriman's two horses, for Father to ride.

Mr. Pelham

The absent-minded jailer who put Mr. Cole in prison.

Aunt Prudence

Mother's elderly aunt. She is mentioned in Lady Margaret's Ghost but not actually seen.

Mother mentioned having an aunt giving her tea lessons as a little girl in Felicity Learns a Lesson. Most assume this is the aunt.

Mr. Ramsey

A master printer of Williamsburg. He has a very busy shop and the broadside accusing Edward Merriman of betraying the Patriots was printed on paper from his mill.

Mr. Ramsey is only seen in Traitor in Williamsburg.

Widow Reed

A female master printer of Williamsburg. She is a friend of the Merrimans and publishes Edward Merriman's preferred newspaper due to its Patriot positions. Widow Reed has a son, Aaron. She helps Felicity and Elizabeth find out who said that Edward Merriman was aiding Loyalists.

Widow Reed is only seen in Traitor in Williamsburg.

Sir Edward

A wealthy English nobleman and an ancestor of the Merrimans'. He was the first Merriman to come to the colonies, in 1653.

John Sutherland

A storekeeper and friend of the Merrimans. He owns a general store. He is friendly with Edward Merriman even though he competed with him to marry Martha Merriman.

John Sutherland is only seen in Traitor in Williamsburg.

Reverend Mr. Ullfers

The minister at Bruton Parish Church. He is only seen in Lady Margaret's Ghost.


Richard Capps' apprentice. Walter does not like Capps' attitude toward him, and helps Felicity and Ben find evidence against Capps.

Walter is only seen in Traitor in Williamsburg.

Mr. Wentworth


A loyalist man, who is married to Mrs. Wentworth. He and his wife live on Oak Hill, a plantation near King's Creek Plantation. In Felicity Saves the Day he is seen as a guest to dinner with his wife.

Mrs. Wentworth


A married Loyalist woman who is a frequent visitor to the Merrimans both at their home and at King's Creek; she and her husband have a plantation nearby named Oak Hill, and is an old friend of Martha Merriman. Felicity thinks that Mrs. Wentworth is the most talkative lady in all of Virginia; she is very stout with a plump face, but with (to Felicity) sharp elbows.

In Felicity Saves the Day she has come to dinner, and fusses about the activities of the Patriots, including incidents of tea being thrown into the river, and that she thinks this is scandalous.

In Felicity's New Sister, she is the one that suggests that Mother should rest at her father's plantation before the birth of her child. Despite Rose's disapproval, she says that the midwife doesn't think Martha will go into labor for some time. She offers her carriage to travel down to King's Creek, and says that it's settled. On the road, Mrs. Went and talks a good part of the way. When the carriage crashes into the bank of the gully, she calls for her driver, Caleb, to get them all out and wants to know what happened. When Rose says they must get out, she says that they must help Mrs. Merriman first, and Rose helps her out. Once inside the abandoned home, she directs Caleb to return to Williamsburg for help as her wet clothes are uncomfortable.

Felicity's New Sister 2

Mrs. Wentworth at breakfast with the Merrimans.

When Martha says the baby is coming. she at first says it's nonsense, and then that Martha must be sensible and that she must not have the baby yet and to wait. When it's clear that the baby will be born, she says that she doesn't know the first thing about babies (implying that she likely has no children of her own), but still assists Rose with the birth.

After Polly is born, Mrs. Wentworth says that she's been an old fool and that Rose knew more than the midwife, and that she alone couldn't have helped Mrs. Merriman have a safe birth.

William Yancey

A man who took in Anne after her parents died, as he had been a friend of her father's. He and wife mistreat Anne, however, and forced her to address them as "Father Yancey" and "Mother Yancey".


Richard Capps' nephew and Mr. Ramsey's apprentice.

Zachary is only seen in Traitor in Williamsburg.

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