These are minor characters in the Grace Thomas books and movie.

Uncle Bernard

Grace's uncle, and Aunt Sophie's husband, who lives in Paris. He and his wife own a pâtisserie.

He is played by Fabrice Michel in the movie.


Grace's dog, who was rescued from Paris.


An intern at Uncle Bernard's pâtisserie. She is fond of sewing.

She is played by Roxane Bret in the movie.

Madeline Eaton

One of Grace's friends, who also goes by the nickname Maddy. She is a free-spirited artist, who has a habit of speaking quickly when she becomes excited.

She is played by Caitlin Carmichael in the movie.


Grace's maternal grandmother. She and Grandpa own First Street Family Bakery.

She is played by Krisztina Peremartoni in the movie.


Sylvie's late grandmother. In Grace and Sylvie: A Recipe for Family, it is mentioned she was originally going to help Sophie with the arrival of the baby prior to her death.[1]


Grace's maternal grandfather. He and Grandma own First Street Family Bakery.

He is played by András Bálint in the movie.


Grace's newborn cousin and Sylvie's half-sister, who is nicknamed "Lily." She's the daughter of Sophie and Bernard.

It is unknown who portrayed her in the film.

Ella Petronia

One of Grace's friends. She's a black girl with bronze skin and thick eyelashes, and Grace thinks she has hair good enough for shampoo commercials. She is skilled at math, having placed top of her third grade class the previous year. She's extremely shy until she feels comfortable with a person. Her family has a pet dog named Murphy, a shaggy grey dog.

In Grace Stirs it Up she reveals that her father lost his job that June.

She has three younger brothers named Ernie, Eddy, and Eino, who are three year old triplets.

She is played by Notlim Taylor in the movie.

Aunt Sophie

Grace's maternal aunt and Karen Thomas's younger sister, and Sylvie's stepmother. She lives in Paris after marrying Bernard. Her pregnancy necessitates Mrs. Thomas and Grace's trip to Paris to help out at the pâtisserie and around her home following the death of Grand-mère.[1]

She is played by Lili Bordán in the movie.


Grace's cousin, about a year younger than Grace. Grace previously met Sylvie only once before, at Aunt Sophie's wedding two years prior[1] to the events of Grace. She's not very fluent in English.

She is played by Eloise Webb in the movie.

Josh Thomas

Grace's older brother, who's fourteen. He has long bangs he's often flipping out of his eyes. Josh likes to play the piano and fix bikes. Her friends think he's cute but Grace, being his sister, doesn't see this.

He is played by Tom Doherty in the movie.

Karen Thomas

Grace's mother, a fifth-grade teacher. She enjoys running.

She is played by Virginia Madsen in the movie.

Matt Thomas

Grace's father, a therapist. He enjoys working on a stone wall near the house.

He is played by Rafael Edholm in the movie.

Grandma and Grandpa Thomas

Grace's paternal grandparents, who live in Florida. Grace visited them once when she was three or four and doesn't remember much about the trip.