These are minor characters in the Isabelle Palmer books and movie.


Danny and Luisa's father and Leo's best friend. Jade and Isabelle affectionately call him Uncle Davi. Davi and Leo have their own jazz band together.

He is played by Francisco Trujillo in the movie.

Ms. Emile

Ms. Hawken's accompanist.


Isabelle and Luisa's African American best friend. Gabriel is an acting student at Anna Hart. Gabriel learned magic from his grandma's friend. Zama takes Gabriel down to the magic shop to keep him out of trouble.

Gabriel isn't seen or mentioned in the movie.

Ms. Hawken

Isabelle's dance teacher at Anna Hart. She wears a crimson scarf around her waist as a good luck charm.

She is played by Sarah Murphy-Dyson in the movie.


Isabelle and Gabriel's Brazilian American best friend at Anna Hart. Luisa is having a tough time because her older brother Danny is the army and she misses him. Luisa encourages Isabelle to believe in herself. Luisa prefers modern dance over ballet. In the movie Luisa studies ballet and modern dance.

She is played by Devyn Nikoda in the movie.


A student at Anna Hart. She's in Isabelle's ballet class and,since she hadn't taken dance classes before, she receives extra attention from Ms. Hawken.

Jade Palmer

Isabelle's older sister who also studies at the Anna Hart School of The Arts.

Jade is a very advanced student at Anna Hart and mostly excels in their Dance Program. Jade uses her dance talents to help Isabelle, who is a new student at Anna Hart.

She is played by Grace Davidson in the movie.

Leonardo "Leo" Palmer

Jade and Isabelle's father. He works as a hospital administrator during the day and is a jazz musician during the weekends. Leo plays the drums in his best friend Davi's band.

He is played by Jake Simons in the movie.

Nancy Palmer

Jade and Isabelle's mother. She works as a textile artist.

She is played by Melora Hardin in the movie.


A rude spoiled rich girl with brown hair who attends Anna Hart. Renata bullies Isabelle. Renata is jealous of Isabelle because her family spends time with her while Renata's own parents often cancel on her. Deep down Renata is lonely because her parents don't spend any time with her. All Renata really wants is for somebody to spend time with her. In the movie Renata is African American.

She is played by Genneya Walton in the movie.

Jacqueline "Jackie" Sanchez

A Mexican American dancer and alumna of Anna Hart. Jackie is Jade and Isabelle's favorite dancer.

She is played by Tanya Howard in the movie.


The Palmer family's white cat. Tutu is a young kitten who was adopted from the animal shelter as a Birthday present for Nancy. Tutu prefers to sleep with Jade and Isabelle because of Leo's snoring. Tutu loves to sneak into Nancy's sewing room. Tutu enjoys watching Isabelle dance.

Tutu isn't seen or mentioned in the movie.


Gabriel's older sister. She plays the bass in Leo and Davi's band.

Zama isn't seen or mentioned in the movie.

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