These are the minor characters in Kirsten's series

Amos Anderson

A black-haired 19-year old student at Powederkeg School who has just finished the third reading book. He is notorious for being rowdy, once getting into a fight that caused the previous teacher, Mr. Coogan, to punch him. Miss Winston's sternness is enough to shame him into behaving better during school.

Mr. Berkhoff

The owner of Berkhoff's General Store.

Brave Elk

The father of Singing Bird and the Chief of his tribe.

Mr. Coogan

The previous teacher of Powderkeg School. He is described by Anna and Lisbeth as a strict teacher. Miss Winston mentions Mr. Coogan as having been injured due to being thrown from his horse during her introduction.


A boy around Peter's age. He was traveling to California with his Ma and dog to reunite with his Pa before the their wagon fell over.

Five Swans

An Ojibway Indian that trades with Olav and Inger Larson.

Johanna Green

Mr. Green

Mrs. Green


Kirsten's maternal grandmother and Greta Larson's mother.[1] She is only mentioned in Kirsten's Surprise, when Mama and Kirsten reminisce how she helped pack the painted trunk.


A Norwegian girl who attends Powderkeg School with Kirsten. In the events of Kirsten and the New Girl, she and her family are new to America. Nora is described as having a round face, creamy skin, blond hair she wears in a thick braid, and a dimple in one cheek. She's very good at math (numbers).

Old Jack

An elderly man who works as a fur trapper and lives in a cave out in the wilderness. He utilizes old-fashioned traps rather than modern metal traps used by Lars and John. Kirsten and Lars find Old Jack's corpse inside his cave while looking for shelter to pass the night; Lars speculates Old Jack's heart may have given out on him.

Erik Sandahl

John Stewart

A friend of Lars Larson and Mary Stewart's brother.

Mary Stewart

A friend of Kirsten, Anna and Lisbeth. Her family moved to Minnesota from Boston four years ago.


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