These are the minor characters in the Kit series whose names start from N to Z.

See: Minor Characters in Kit's Series (A-M)

Mrs. Newcomb

A librarian at the public library.


An assistant keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Tony Panetta

The owner of a prize-winning basset hound named Roland.

Sergeant Paul

A police officer who is engaged to Nancy Smithens.

Myrtle Peabody

A close friend of Mildred Morrison, who moved Mildred into her cabin after she lost her home in May 1933.

Mr. Peck

A man boarding with the Kittredge family. Mr. Peck can play a double bass fiddle and is mentioned to be tall with a beard.

Beatrice Pew

A friend of Margaret Kittredge. Mrs. Pew knows how to upholster and offers to help Mrs. Kittredge redo the living room chairs at her house in exchange for using some of the curtain material for her own chairs. She also asks Kit to babysit her three children during the afternoons that she worked.

Jessamine Porter

An African American girl who was once close friends with Kit Kittredge. Jessamine's father had worked at Jack Kittredge's dealership prior to its closing in 1932, and Jessamine and Kit used to play with each other with a tire swing behind the dealership.

Miss Preston

The secretary at the Cincinnati Register.

Frank Richards

Angela Bravetti's husband, who had previously worked at an insurance company.


A snobby know-it-all kid in Kit, Ruthie, and Stirling's class.

Ginger Rogers

A movie star the protagonist and Kit meet at Mrs. Finch's general store in Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit. The protagonist assists with choosing the right fabrics for a suit and Kit, learning Ginger Rogers is moving to Cincinnati, offers a place at her family's house.


A boy who works as an assistant keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Mrs. Schultz

The woman in charge of the soup kitchen. She greets the protagonist and Kit in Full Speed Ahead: My Journey with Kit, thanking them for the donation of old clothes and instructs them to distribute them between four girls.

Hootie Shay

A baritone saxophone player seen performing at the Burns' Theater in The Jazzman's Trumpet.

Stewart Simpson

A trumpet player seen hosting a jazz concert with his band at the Burns' Theater in The Jazzman's Trumpet. He is know as "Swingin' Slim Simpson", and is mainly addressed as "Slim Simpson".

Roy Skidmore

The son of Vesta Skidmore.

Vesta Skidmore

A widowed woman with dark hair who lives in Mountain Hollow, Kentucky.

Cecilia Smith

A Canadian actress hired by the Burns' Theater in A Thief in the Theater.

Lily Smithens

Ruthie Smithens' mother. She is close friends with Margaret Kittredge.

Nancy Smithens

Lily Smithens' younger sister, who is engaged to a police officer named Paul. She is also Ruthie Smithens' maternal aunt.

Stan Smithens

Ruthie Smithens' father. Stan works at a bank in Cincinnati and is close friends with the Kittredges.

Julian Steele

An actor who had attempted to book a one-man show for an entire weekend prior to the events of The Jazzman's Trumpet. After signing his contract and failing to pay the deposit for his show, Mr. Steele attempted to sabotage the Burns' Theater's reputation after Stewart Simpson's band booked the theater for the 14th of September.

Sol Steven

The superintendent at the Cincinnati Zoo.


A Swedish actor hired by the Burns' Theater in A Thief in the Theater. He and Gunner used to be strongmen.


A banker in Mountain Hollow. He has previously been a student of Mildred Morrison and had struggled with fractions.

Mr. Tibbets

The local postman in Mountain Hollow. He has an interest in detective novels.


A boy in Kit's fourth grade class.


The daughter of Stewart Simpson, and a jazz enthusiast Kit Kittredge meets in The Jazzman's Trumpet.

Christina Tucker

A child actress seen acting as McDuff's son in A Thief in the Theater. She has brown hair and wears her hair short so she can play male roles, though she prefers to play female roles as she gets to wear beautiful wigs.

Mrs. Tucker

The mother of Christina Tucker, who presumably manages her daughter's acting career.

Lucy Vanderpool

A folklorist from Chicago, Illinois seen researching the traditions and knowledge of the residents of Mountain Hollow in Midnight in Lonesome Hollow.

Peter Vanderpool

Lucy Vanderpool's younger brother, who works for a radio station in Chicago.


A paperboy in Kit's neighborhood. He sells copies of the Cincinnati Register and is seen by Stirling Howard as a good paperboy, despite being a little kid.

Graham Walker

The assistant manager of Burn's Theater.

Mr. Walkins

The owner of Shy-Anne Kennel.

Reginald West

A man who moved into the Kittredge's home in Intruders at Rivermead Manor. Mr. West firmly believes that the rich should open up their homes to those who are in need, and had suggested to Miss Mundis that she should convert Rivermead Manor into a boarding house.

Mrs. Willmore

A member of Margaret Kittredge's garden club.

Mrs. Wolf

A member of Margaret Kittredge's garden club.

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