These are minor characters in the Lea Clark books and movie.

Marcos Barros

Zac's host father who a tourist and loves to take rides on his boat.

Olivia Barros

Zac's host mother who is a second-grade teacher.

Tomas Barros

Zac's host brother who is five years old. He loves margays and loves to draw.

Camila Cavalcante

Lea's friend who lives in Brazil. She and Lea first see each other at a restaurant; they first talk to each other on the beach.​ She is the same age as Lea; she is scared of heights and is a really good swimmer. She has relatives who lives in Chicago, explaining why her English is so good. She loves to play soccer.

Carol Clark (née Cooper)

Lea's mother who is an archticet specializing in restoring old buildings.

She is portrayed by Hallie Todd in the movie.

Mike Clark

Lea's dad who is a history professor at the Washington University in St. Louis.

He is portrayed by Kevin Otto in the movie; his name is changed to Rick.

Zachary Clark

Lea's older brother. He attended college to get a degree in environmental studies, followed by Brazil to study the rainforest for a year. His nickname for Lea is "Cricket".

He is portrayed by Connor Dowds in the movie.

Amanda Cooper

Lea's grandmother and Carol's mother, whose nickname is Ama. She died of pnuemonia before the events of the books. She liked to travel and was not afraid to do anything.

She is portrayed by Karin Howard in the movie.

Abby Hudson

Lea's best friend. Abby is biracial (white and black) and loves animals. Her mother is a veterinarian. She plays the oboe and loves soccer.

She is portrayed by Mokgethoa Tebeila in the movie.