These are minor characters in the Lindsey Bergman book.

Miss Andersen

The school librarian.

April Greely

A classmate of Lindsey. She becomes Lindsey's best friend later in the book. April and Lindsey become friends after Lindsey saves April from Blair Kolinski and Missy Rizzo. Blair and Missy were bullying April after school by doing thing such as putting her shoes in the garbage.

Miss Kenney

Lindsey's teacher. Miss Kenney is engaged, but allergic to metal so she can't wear a ring.

Blair Kolinski

A classmate of Lindsey. She is a bully, and is friends with Missy Rizzo, another bully. Blair bullies April Greely mostly.

Mr. Nelson

The principal of Lindsey's school; Lindsey gets into trouble with him for wrecking the pet day parade.

Mr. Pingler

One of Lindsey's teachers. He teaches music and is a victim in one of Lindsey's plots. Lindsey tries to get Mr. Pingler to date her teacher, Miss Kinney.

Aunt Rhonda

Lindsey's aunt. She was married to Uncle Bernie, but divorced him.

Missy Rizzo

A bully in Lindsey's class. She is friends with Blair Kolinkski, and together they bully Lindsey's friend, April Greely, after school.

Miss Schumacher

A neighbor of the Bergmans.

Cousin Sophie

Lindsey's cousin. She is one of the main people who convinced Aunt Rhonda to divorce Uncle Bernie. Lindsey tries to get Uncle Bernie to date Sophie, however this doesn't work out, as Lindsey didn't know that they hate each other.

Josh Thompson

A very annoying kid in Lindsey's class. At the beginning of the book, Lindsey steals Josh's iguana. Josh's mother is Mrs. Thompson, Lindsey's neighbor. Lindsey finds that Josh's nickname is "Joshy." In the end of the book, Lindsey and Josh start to become friends.

Mrs. Thompson

Josh's mother; the family is a neighbor of the Bergmans. She loves gardening, specifically rose bushes, and work-out tapes.

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