These are minor characters in the McKenna Brooks books and movie.

Maisey and Mara Brooks

McKenna's younger twin sisters. Maisey and Mara both do gymnastics like McKenna.

Maisey is played by Kandace Kendall Roach in the movie.

Mara is played by Paiten Raine Roach in the movie.

Mr. Brooks

McKenna, Maisey, and Mara's father. He works as a high school principal. Mr. Brooks is the husband of Mrs. Brooks. He takes education seriously. Mr. Brooks thinks that McKenna's focusing on gymnastics too much and not spending enough time on school.

He is played by Ian Ziering in the movie.

Mrs. Brooks

McKenna, Maisey, and Mara's mother. She owns and runs a coffee shop called Almost Home. Mrs. Brooks is the wife of Mr. Brooks and the best friend of Mrs. Thomas. Mrs. Brooks is angry at McKenna for allowing her grades to slip.

She is played by Nia Vardalos in the movie.

Grandpa Jackson

The grandfather of McKenna, Maisey, and Mara. Grandpa Jack is the husband of Grandma Peg. Grandpa Jack is supportive of his granddaughters. He isn't seen in the movie.

Grandma Peg

The grandmother of McKenna, Maisey, and Mara. Grandma Peg is the wife of Grandpa Jack. After McKenna's accident Grandma Peg gives her a necklace to help her believe in herself again.

She is played by Talia Pura in the movie.

Sierra Kuchinko

McKenna's friend and teammate at gymnastics practice. She moved from California after her parents got divorced.

She is portrayed by Kally Berard in the movie. In the books, she has red hair, but in the movie, she has black hair.

Isabelle Manning

McKenna, Toulane, and Sierra's strict but kindhearted gymnastics coach. She is the former state champion of gymnastics. Coach Isabelle wants her students to put school before gymnastics.

She is played by Cathy Rigby in the movie.

Josie Myers

McKenna's tutor and other best friend who is in a wheelchair. She is two years older than McKenna, and has a passion for horseback riding. Their mothers are also friends. Josie's a Straight A Student and she plays the flute.

She is played by Kerris Dorsey in the movie.

Elizabeth Onishi

A student in McKenna's fourth grade class. She gets along with McKenna and is very smart. She goes to Hearts and Horses to see her half brother Julius. Elizabeth tries to help McKenna cheat on a take home test in an effort to bring her grades up. Her mother finds out and forces McKenna to tell her parents that she cheated. McKenna and Elizabeth are both grounded for cheating.

She isn't seen or mentioned in the movie.

Mrs. Onishi

The no-nonsense mother of Elizabeth. Mrs. Onishi catches McKenna and Elizabeth cheating on a take home test when McKenna is desperate to bring her grades up. Mrs. Onishi tells McKenna that if she doesn't confess to her parents that she cheated she'll do it for her. McKenna reluctantly agrees to tell her parents that she cheated. Mrs. Onishi grounds Elizabeth for helping McKenna cheat. She isn't seen or mentioned in the movie. Her husband isn't mentioned in the books or the movie.

Toulane Thomas

McKenna's teammate and best friend at gymnastics practice and school. She is very competitive, this is due to pressure from her mother after her older sister quit gymnastics due to an accident. In the beginning, Toulane is jealous of Josie.

She is played by Ysa Penarejo in the movie.

Mrs. Thomas

Mrs. Brooks's best friend and Toulane's mother. Mrs. Thomas puts pressure on Toulane to be the best at gymnastics because Toulane's older sister had an accident and had to quit gymnastics. In the end Toulane tells her mother that she'd rather do rhythmic gymnastics and Mrs. Thomas allows it.

She is played by Paula Rivera in the movie.

Mr. Wu

McKenna's Chinese American fourth grade teacher. Mr. Wu works his students hard and he's concerned about McKenna when her grades slip. Mr. Wu used to take gymnastics with Coach Isabelle. Mr. Wu wants McKenna to bring her grades up.

He is played by George Chiang in the movie.