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These are minor characters in Melody Ellison's series.


One of the members of the Three Ravens with Dwayne Ellison.

Aunt Beck

The older sister of Frank Porter. She is the mother of Clifford and has a grandson named Jimmy. She has silver hair in a long braid she winds up and glasses. She is not the kind of adult who doesn't let children touch things.

Miss Esther Collins


Aunt Beck's son, a lawyer. He has several children, including a college aged daughter named Anne.

Pastor Daniels

Miss Dorothy


Aunt Beck's grandson (it is not stated who his father is). He sends her a doll from Japan.


A close friend of Melody's.


Clifford's wife.


One of the members of the Three Ravens with Dwayne Ellison. He appears to have a slight crush on Lila.

Roy Porter

The brother of Frank Porter and father of Charles Porter.

Martha Jean Steinburg

A popular DJ on the radio, known as "Martha Jean the Queen."

Joe Walker

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