These are minor characters in the Nicki Fleming books.


One of Nicki's best friends. She met her before the events of the book. She lives on a ranch like Nicki does and loves to ski.

Mr. Fleming

Nicki's father. He owns a pig ranch and this is why the family lives so far out.

Mrs. Fleming

Nicki's mother. She used to train service dogs before Nicki and her brother were born. She is pregnant during the events of Nicki's books and gives birth to twin girls.

Adam Fleming

Nicki's younger brother.

Kristine and Rebecca Fleming

Nicki's newborn baby sisters. Kristine is named after Kris and Rebecca is named after Becca.


See also Jackson the Horse

Nicki's horse.


One of Nicki's best friends. They met in class. Kris is one of the newer people to the area who lives in the suburbs.


See also Nicki's Dog-in-Training

A dog Nicki is training to be a service dog. He is a young puppy who is mixed-breed.

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