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These are minor characters in the Rebecca stories.

Clara Adler

A young woman who organized a worker's strike in Changes for Rebecca.

Leo Berg

A pesky classmate of Rebecca's. His full name is Leopold. He is nasty and mean, and very demanding.

Mrs. Berg

Leo's mother. She wants the best out of life and appears to be very well off. She admires Rebecca's crochet work and pays her a quarter for the doily she is given.


A young woman who works as an extra for Banbury Cross Studio. She's only seen in Rebecca and the Movies.

Morris and Naomi Brodsky

A married couple who move into the Rubins' apartment building in A Bundle of Trouble. Mr. Brodky works two jobs, one at a factory and another as an English tutor at the settlement house, to afford their new apartment and to pay for his wife's treatments as she was suffering from an eye infection.

Nora Brodsky

The four month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brodsky. She's only seen in A Bundle of Trouble.

Mr. Cager

The director of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


A vaudeville performer who is acquainted with Max Shepherd. She stays with the Rubins for a few days in October 1914.

Daisy is only mentioned in The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca, and it is possible for the unnamed protagonist to take on Daisy's identity if the reader chooses so.

Lawrence B. Diamond

The director that Max and Lily work for at Banbury Cross Studios. He is addressed as both "L.B. Diamond" and "The Grand Pooh-Bah".

Roddy Fitzgerald

An Irish carpenter that works at the studio where Max works.

Otto Geller

A boy that goes to Rebecca's school.

Nathaniel Gibney

A boy seen taking classes and volunteering at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Sarah Goldstein

A classmate of Rebecca's. Her family is Jewish.

Mrs. Henks

A women seen getting arrested in A Bundle of Trouble for abducting young children alongside a male accomplice.

Don Herringbone

An actor that Rebecca meets in Rebecca and the Movies.

Otto Holbein

A boy in Rebecca's class. He's only seen in The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca, answering a multiplication question for another student.

Officer Kelly

A New York City policeman seen arresting Mrs. Henks and her accomplice for kidnapping in A Bundle of Trouble.

Mr. Levy

A member of the garment workers' union. He is seen giving a speech at the Labor Day picnic in Changes for Rebecca.

Gertie Lowenstein

A friend of Rebecca's that goes to her school.


The dressmaker at Banbury Cross Studios.

Miss Maloney

Rebecca's fourth grade teacher.

Francesca Martuscelli

An Italian girl Rebecca meets and befriends in A Bundle of Trouble.

Luigi Martuscelli

The older brother of Francesca Martuscelli. In A Bundle of Trouble, he befriends Victor Rubin and accompanies him as they pull practical jokes.

Mr. Martuscelli

The owner of Martuscelli's Homemade Ices and Gelato and the father of Luigi, Francesca and Vincenza Martuscelli.

Vinzenca Martuscelli

The infant daughter of Mr. Martuscelli. She's usually taken of by her older sister, Francesca.


Morris Brodsky's cousin. In A Bundle of Trouble, she's seen assisting her cousin move into his family's new apartment and looking after his wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Pomerantz

The Rubins' neighbors. They're only seen in The Crystal Ball.

Edna Rogenetsky

Sergei Rogenetsky's older sister. She's the only person in her family with a job, working at a factory. Rebecca and the protagonist visit her workplace in The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca to gives her a message regarding her baby bother's illness.

Mr and Mrs. Rogenetsky

The parents of Sergei and Edna Rogenetsky. Mr. Rogenetsky hasn't found a job ad his wife is acquainted Mama Rubin, whom she met at the synagogue.

Sergei Rogenetsky

A boy in Rebecca's school, addressed as "Sam Rogen" by Miss Maloney. His father is unemployed and his baby brother is suffering from whooping cough, causing his apartment building to get quarantined. He's only seen in The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca.

Leonardo Rossi

A janitor who lives in the same building as Rebecca.[1]

Millie Santini

The daughter of one of Mr. Rossi's friends's neighbors. From New Jersey, Millie was sent to New York in October 1914 because of a whooping cough outbreak, and Mr. Rossi was asked to take her in, though he doesn't have the space.

Millie Santini is only mentioned in The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca, and it is possible for the unnamed protagonist to take on Millie's identity if the reader chooses so.

Mr. Schwartz

A peddler on Orchard Street. Rebecca purchases six potatoes from him in The Glow of the Spotlight: My Journey with Rebecca and attempts to bargain the price.

Bubbie Shereshevsky

Rebecca's maternal grandmother.[2][3]

Grandpa Shereshevsky

Rebecca's maternal grandfather.[2][3]

Don Silver

A handyman who works in New York City.

Mr. Simon

The owner of the Uptown Coat Company.

Mr. and Misako Tanaka

Ana Rubin's neighbors in Brooklyn, who helped Ana's family settle in the neighborhood. The Tanakas are originally from Japan, having been brought over to the United States by Takeo Shiota. Both are employed at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden; Mr. Tanaka works as the gardener and Mrs. Tanaka welcomes guests at the teahouse. Mrs. Tanaka is also skilled in ikebana.

The Tanakas are only seen in A Growing Suspicion.

Lucy Valenti

A classmate and friend of Rebecca's.

Mr. and Mrs. Van den Meter

A wealthy couple seen in A Growing Suspicion. After returning from Japan, the couple visits the Japanese garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and decide to donate money to help fund for a public sand garden.

Mrs. Van den Meter also donates some of her orchids to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where they are displayed until she wants them back.

Madame Verona

A woman who works as a fortune teller in New York City.

Miss Ward

A woman who runs a workshop in the Children's Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


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