This is a list of minor characters in the Saige Copeland books and movie.

Mrs. Applegate

Saige's fourth-grade teacher.

She is played by Stephanie Sy in the movie.


Luis's wife, who works with fabric in Navajo designs.

Carmen isn't seen or mention in the movie.

David Copeland

Saige's father, who loves to fly hot air balloons. He is also an airline pilot.

He is played by Kerr Smith in the movie.

Marina Copeland

Saige's mother, who is a math professor at a local university.[1]

She is played by Laurel Harris in the movie.

Miriam Copeland

Saige's grandmother,[2] nicknamed Mimi, who loves horses and painting. She is an artist and used to trick-ride. She broke her femur and wrist in an accident.[3]

She is played by Jane Seymour in the movie.

Miss Fane

Saige's old art teacher. She told Saige kids who have art in school can do better academically.

She isn't seen or mention in the movie.

Tessa Jablonsky

Saige's best friend who loves music. She wants to be a singer. She also likes jewelry and guitar.

She is portrayed by Alex Peters in the movie.

Mrs. Laird

Saige's school principal. She also agrees that art and music are important.

She is portrayed by Rebecca Gibson in the movie.


Mimi's neighbor and friend, who helps out with her horses and rides with Saige. He works with tin, his own form of art.

He is played Omar Paz Trujillo in the movie.

Dylan Patterson

Saige's classmate, who prefers singing to art. She is very opinionated. She wants to be a singer when she grows up and devotes her life to practicing. In the film, she is antagonistic to Saige's ideas, which is enough for the two to have a fight in school.

She is played by Mika Abdalla in the movie.

Pamela Patterson

Dylan's mom who is a newspaper reporter.

She is portrayed by Kate Gajdosik in the movie.

Gabi Peña

Saige's friend who is patient and loves animals. She wants to be an animal trainer when she grows up. She teaches Saige how to train horses and dogs and is described by Saige's mother as a "miracle worker".

She has a four-year-old brother named Roberto and a baby sister.

She is played by Alana Gordillo in the movie.


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  2. Saige, pg. 7: Mimi is my grandma. Her real name is Miriam, but everyone calls her "Mimi,", and she's a pretty well-known artist in the community.
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