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Mirrored Chifforobe.

The Mirrored Chifforobe (also called Molly's Chifforobe) was introduced to Molly's Collection in 2006 and replaced Molly's Trunk before it was retired in 2011. Retail cost was $175.


White wooden chifforobe. Full-length mirror on left door with a flower design at the top. Small mirror and false drawer front on right side. Metal rod on top left side interior. Large single white drawer with red handles. Red molded base. Two dolls can fit inside.

Garment Bag


Mirrored Chifforobe open.

White quilted taffeta garment bag. Red stitching. Clear plastic window near top. Can hang from top rod.


White taffeta shoe caddy with quilted trim. Eight pockets

Laundry Bag

White drawstring laundry bag. Quilted diagonal stripe.

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