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For the Historical Character, see Caroline Abbott.

Miss Caroline is a woman who helps Addy Walker run away to the north.


  • Name: Miss Caroline (?)
  • Only Appearance: Meet Addy

Other relationships


Miss Caroline helps slaves run away. She is a brash woman on the surface, but underneath is kind and caring towards runaways.

In The Books

Meet Addy: An American Girl

Miss Caroline answers the door very angrily, shooing Addy and Momma away. Addy knocks again and reveals she is a girl by letting her braids fall. Realizing she has mistaken Addy and Momma for working with the Confederate camp nearby, she hurries them in. She feeds them a good dinner and they sleep in one of her beds. She also provides new clean clothes for them. The next morning, she loads Addy and Momma into a cart and takes them to the dock to sail to Philadelphia.

After helping Addy and Momma run away, she is not seen again.

Addy: An American Girl Story

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