Molly's A+ Partner is part of the Short Stories collection, focusing on Molly McIntire.


Story Summary

Meet The Author

Looking Back: Finding Hope in the Past

Discusses George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River and the Battle of Trenton. Topics covered:

  • George Washington and Abraham Lincoln's roles during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars respectively
  • President Roosevelt's radio speech in 1942 comparing World War II to the Revolutionary War
  • Washington's crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night in 1776
  • British occupation of New York City
  • Low morale among Washington's troops due to losses during the New York and New Jersey campaign against the British army
  • Hessians, German soldiers hired by King George III to fight for England
  • Johann Rall, a Hessian colonel who was at a Christmas party and ignored a spy's warnings of Washington's plan to attack Trenton
  • The Battle of Trenton between the Continental Army and Hessian forces, resulting in victory for the Army and the death of Colonel Rall
  • The boost in morale for the Continental Army following the Battle of Trenton

Activity: Make Cherry-Nut Cupcakes

Learn how to make cherry cupcakes.

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