Molly's Camp Tent.

Molly's Camp Tent was introduced to Molly's Collection in 2007 and retired in 2011(?). It is loosely associated with the book Molly Saves the Day. Retail cost was $72.



Tent with the left side rolled up.

Summer camp tent. Wooden floor planks. Pipe frame. Canvas shell. Red stitching around tent. Red straps to tie open window flaps on tent sides, door, and sides. Sides Red "TENT NO. 6" on front right; Camp Gowonagin symbol at the top. Camp Gowonagin logo (red sun setting between two blue trees and two silhouetted white canoers in a blue canoe) on lower right-hand corner on the left side. Stairs; two buttons play camp sounds and the Camp Gowonagin song.

The tent comes disassembled.

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